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The Coxley News was a Community website about the villages of Netherton, Middlestown, Overton and Midgley in the Parish of Sitlington West Yorkshire and named after the beautiful Coxley Woods that runs along the valley between the villages.
Content is from the site's 2006 -2008 archived pages.

The Coxley News website became the virtual hub for the parish of Sitlington near Wakefield in West Yorkshire, Sitlington’s villages of Midgley, Middlestown, Netherton and Overton which overlook the beautiful Coxley Valley are full of interesting people and places.


Welcome to
You have found the Community web site for the Sitlington area and the Parish of Middlestown with Netherton, Wakefield.

The villages of Middlestown, Netherton, Overton and Midgley are built around and overlook the beautiful Coxley Valley.

There are two Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves within the boundaries and the area is also home to the National Coalmining Museum for England

The Parish has much for those who enjoy the countryside but also has easy access to local towns and cities. Both the M1 and M62 are only a few minutes drive away.

This site is here to help you find out as much as you can about the area and community and enjoy the many things it has to offer.

Whether you live in the Parish, are thinking of moving here or just visiting, we are sure you will find something of interest in these pages. And with our regularly updated news section and forum you will soon come to feel very much a part of this community. Enjoy.

This web site was made live on 5th November 2005 and has been made possible by generous financial support through grants from both Sitlington Parish Council and Wakefield Metropolital District Council. Additional support for this archive was provided pro bono by TNG/Earthling's CEO Bob Sakayama who is a huge fan of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves. Bob is a well known SEO expert who is also an avid nature lover, having spent many adventurous travels exploring wilderness areas across the globe. Although based in New York City, he has clients worldwide who rely on his ability to make websites rank well in Google. His influence on this site includes not only the technical development, but also the very high ranks the site has achieved. It is probably the reason you are reading it now. None of the information, material or comments included on the site can be attributed to WMDC or Ward Councillors. Our thanks go to Sitlington Parish Council and WMDC and everyone who has made this site possible. Local businesses and groups are being contacted to contribute and advertise on its pages. It has been designed to grow to include as many such groups and individuals as possible, to become an accurate and useful picture of what is in this area.




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More Background On Coxley News

Coxley News was a pivotal local news source that historically served the communities within the parish of Sitlington, West Yorkshire, which encompasses the villages of Middlestown, Netherton, Overton, and Midgley. These villages are notable for their scenic landscapes, including the Coxley Valley and nearby Coxley Woods, a popular location for family walks and nature activities due to its rich biodiversity and recreational trails​.

The area around Coxley News has a rich history and a strong community spirit, reflected in the local amenities and events. Overton, for example, is home to the National Coal Mining Museum for England, an institution housed in the former Caphouse Colliery which has been pivotal in educating the public about the region's mining heritage since the colliery's transformation into a museum in 1985​​. Middlestown and its neighboring villages were historically known as part of 'Shitlington' before being renamed to Sitlington in 1929, to avoid the less savory connotations of the original name. This historical context is vital as it reflects the evolving identity and heritage of the region​​.

Middlestown itself is a small but vibrant community, hosting several nature reserves managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, and it provides easy access to urban areas while maintaining its rural charm​​. Events and news from these areas were once prominently featured on Coxley News, making it a vital part of the local community’s daily life.

Further contextual understanding of local journalism can be seen in the role of other news sources like The Yorkshire Standard, an online newspaper founded in 2014. It focuses on various West Yorkshire communities, including those covered by Coxley News, and aims to provide comprehensive local news and updates. This demonstrates the vibrant local media ecosystem in which Coxley News operated, contributing to a well-informed local populace.

Coxley News was more than just a news source; it was a community hub that supported and reflected the life and spirit of the Sitlington parish area. Its contributions helped to maintain a sense of connectedness and community identity among the residents of this picturesque part of West Yorkshire.



The audience for Coxley News encompassed a diverse range of individuals, reflecting the community-centric nature of the news source. Given the focus on local villages like Middlestown, Netherton, Overton, and Midgley, the demographic profile probably included a wide age range, with interests spanning local history, community events, and regional developments. This would have influenced the content strategy to include a mix of updates relevant to community life, such as local nature reserves, historical insights, and local council activities.

A successful engagement with such a community-centric audience typically involves understanding the unique characteristics and interests of the audience. This includes recognizing the different ways demographic groups engage with content, from long-form articles preferred by an older demographic to snappy, visually engaging content for younger viewers.

Coxley News' strategy integrated understanding these audience preferences, adapting content, and choosing the right platforms to maximize engagement. For instance, platforms like Facebook or a dedicated website could have been key in reaching their audience, where updates on community events or historical tidbits would resonate well. Given the nature of their community, it's also probable that direct engagement through community events and feedback loops were part of their strategy to keep the audience engaged and invested in the content.

In terms of broader engagement strategies that Coxley News might have employed, they could have benefited from utilizing analytics tools to understand and respond to the preferences and behaviors of their audience. This could include monitoring which types of stories generated more interaction or adapting content based on feedback and observed engagement patterns​.

Overall, the success of a community news source like Coxley News in engaging its audience would hinge on its ability to deliver relevant, engaging content that resonates with the community's interests and needs, supported by smart use of digital tools and a deep understanding of its demographic makeup.


Known For

Coxley News was known for being a vital community news source for the villages of Middlestown, Netherton, Overton, and Midgley in the Parish of Sitlington, West Yorkshire. It primarily served to connect and inform the local community about various events, issues, and developments pertinent to the area. This includes coverage of local history, community events, nature reserves, and other local interests.

The website was recognized for providing a platform that enhanced community engagement by offering updated news, a forum for discussion, and information about local happenings. It also included features that allowed for community participation in content creation and discussion, which helped foster a stronger sense of community among residents.

Coxley News also gained attention for its integration with local government and community groups, which helped it serve as a bridge between the authorities and the public, ensuring that community voices were heard and that the information disseminated was useful and relevant to the local residents' daily lives.

The news source was appreciated for its efforts to maintain a rich archive of local history and for promoting the natural beauty and conservation efforts within the Coxley Valley area, often highlighting the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves within the community.



Coxley News was established as a community website for the villages of Netherton, Middlestown, Overton, and Midgley in the Parish of Sitlington, West Yorkshire. Named after the scenic Coxley Woods that runs along the valley between these villages, the news source played a significant role in the community by providing localized news, information on local history, and updates on community events.

The website was launched on November 5, 2005, and received financial support through grants from the Sitlington Parish Council and the Wakefield Metropolitan District Council. This funding helped the site become a central hub for community engagement and information dissemination. Additional support and technical development were provided by Bob Sakayama, the CEO of TNG/Earthling, who also helped the site achieve high search engine rankings.

Coxley News was particularly active between 2006 and 2008, during which it featured various community-focused content, including updates on local events, nature reserves, and community forums. The site was designed to be a comprehensive resource for both residents and visitors, providing insights into local attractions and facilitating a deeper connection within the community.

Throughout its operational years, Coxley News was an example of effective community journalism, leveraging digital tools and local partnerships to serve and enhance community life in Sitlington Parish. Its focus on local issues and community involvement helped maintain a loyal readership base and fostered a sense of community identity.


Cultural & Social Significance

Coxley News held considerable cultural and social significance within the communities of Netherton, Middlestown, Overton, and Midgley in West Yorkshire. This local news source served as a vital link between the residents and the broader socio-cultural activities of the area, reflecting and reinforcing the local identity and community spirit.

Cultural Significance

  1. Historical Documentation: Coxley News played a critical role in documenting the history and ongoing changes within the local area. It archived important community events and local stories, serving as a historical record that helped preserve the unique heritage of the Sitlington Parish area.

  2. Promotion of Local Culture: The website promoted local culture by highlighting events, local arts, crafts exhibitions, and church activities. These features not only informed residents but also celebrated the local traditions and crafts, contributing to the preservation and appreciation of local arts.

  3. Nature and Conservation Awareness: Given its geographical focus around the Coxley Valley and nearby nature reserves, Coxley News was instrumental in promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts. This helped foster a community ethos of nature conservation and appreciation for local biodiversity.

Social Significance

  1. Community Engagement and Cohesion: By providing a platform for community news and forums, Coxley News enhanced social cohesion. It enabled residents to stay informed about local developments, share their views, and participate in community discussions, thereby fostering a more engaged and cohesive community.

  2. Support for Local Businesses and Initiatives: The news source supported local businesses and community initiatives by providing them with a platform to reach residents. This not only helped in promoting local economic activities but also in building a support network for local entrepreneurs and community groups.

  3. Educational Resource: With its content on local history and environmental conservation, Coxley News served as an educational resource, particularly for new residents and younger generations. It helped them learn about their community’s history and ongoing efforts, encouraging greater community involvement.

  4. Emergency and Public Service Information: During times of need or community emergencies, Coxley News could rapidly disseminate important information, acting as a crucial line of communication for public service announcements and emergency directives.

Through these roles, Coxley News significantly contributed to the cultural fabric and social structure of its community, reinforcing the importance of local news sources in nurturing regional identity and community spirit. Its impact demonstrates how localized journalism can play a critical role in not just informing but actively participating in the development and cohesion of community life.